Terrascope is the future Belgian entry point to the EU Copernicus Sentinel satellites and their data products. To shape these products to the Belgian user needs, please complete the survey below.
The survey remains open until 30 November.

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Terrascope is het Belgisch platform voor toegang tot de data opgenomen door de EU Copernicus Sentinel satellieten. Gelieve onderstaande bevraging in te vullen opdat deze producten de noden van de Belgische gebruiker zo goed mogelijk afdekken.
De bevraging staat open tot 30 november.

Naar bevraging

Terrascope est la plate-forme Belge d’accès aux données des satellites Sentinel du programme Copernicus européen. Veuillez remplir l'enquête ci-dessous pour ajuster ces produits à vos besoins.
L’enquête restera ouverte jusqu’au 30 novembre.

Répondre à l’enquête

Satellite data can be used in a much broader and more general sense than it is the case now. From this perspective Belgium is setting up the Terrascope platform. Its purpose is to offer free and easy access to Sentinel satellite data and its derived products to all.
In order to better understand the current needs and take your requirements into account, we would like to ask you to fill out the online Terrascope survey. These results will serve to further fine-tune the platform in cooperation with all Belgian earth observation actors.
We thank you in advance for your time and effort.
Read more:
- Official communication from the Belgian Science Policy Office
- Remote Sensing blog “Going the extra mile for Sentinel data”.
How to access Sentinel-data for the time-being:
- Global Sentinel-data through the Copernicus Open Access Hub
- Sentinel-2 data over Belgian territory through the VITO EO Data Portal