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Currently Sentinel-2 data is available through the data portal below. A new dynamic data viewer is currently under development, offering an easy and dynamic way to view, select and download your preferred products. Over the next months, Terrascope will also offer a direct link to the other satellites and their derived products.

Data access

Sentinel-2 carries an innovative wide swath high-resolution multispectral imager with 13 spectral bands for a new perspective of our land and vegetation. The combination of high resolution, novel spectral capabilities, a swath width of 290 km and frequent revisit times provides unprecedented views of Earth.



sentinel lai

Sentinel-2 LAI: The Leaf Area Index is defined as half the total area of green elements of the canopy per unit horizontal ghoeken area. The satellite-derived value corresponds to the total green LAI of all the canopy layers, including the understory which may represent a very significant contribution, particularly for forests. Practically, the LAI quantifies the thickness of the vegetation cover. read more


Sentinel-2 fAPAR: The Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation quantifies the fraction of the solar radiation absorbed by live leaves for the photosynthesis activity. Then, it refers only to the green and alive elements of the canopy. The FAPAR depends on the canopy structure, vegetation element optical properties, atmospheric conditions, and angular configuration. To overcome this latter dependency, a daily integrated FAPAR value is assessed. read more

sentinel2 fcover

Sentinel-2 FCOVER: The Fraction of Vegetation Cover corresponds to the fraction of ground covered by green vegetation. Practically, it quantifies the spatial extent of the vegetation. Because it is independent from the illumination direction and it is sensitive to the vegetation amount, fCover is a very good candidate for the replacement of classical vegetation indices for the monitoring of ecosystems. read more

sentinel2 ndvi

Sentinel-2 NDVI: The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is a simple and effective vegetation index to quantify the vegetation amount. It is an indicator of the greenness of the biomes, little scale dependant and is closely linked to the FAPAR. read more


Currently certain Web Services are available which can be used for Sentinel-2 data viewing, discovery and access. More information on the Sentinel Web Services are on-line available

  • OGC WMTS: It is possible to access the WMTS directly by using a simple web browser or desktop tools such as QGIS.
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  • OGC WMS: The Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered georeferenced map images over the internet. VITO applies to the OGC WMTS Implementation Standard (OGC 06-042). It is possible to access the WMS directly by using a simple web browser or desktop tools such as QGIS.
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  • OGC WCS: The OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) standard defines Web-based retrieval of coverages – that is, digital geospatial information representing space/time-varying phenomena.
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